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Device : Geiger counter
Date : 2013-2015
Type : PC-GM3
Brand : Chour
Main parts: GM Tube SBM20, MSP430 Texas Instrument family processor, Imex module for High Voltage, RTC PCF84583
Main characteristic : Average power consumption around 20µA.
Software : Downloading.

Full Description:



Power consumption :

  • In normal mode (running with battery, ground radioactivity, no alarm, no dialog...), the average power consumption is round 20µA.

Main parts:

You can add:


Inside the counter.

The functionnal specification (in French) are available here.


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I consider that the Olimex module MSP430f449STK2 has a bug. Indeed, you cannot use the bargraph as a bargraph. You can fix this bug with these modifications (see the schematic below).

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The software of the counter has a constant to generate two versions of the executable. A version uses the bargraph as an alert indicator (PCB not modified), the other uses the bargraph as a rate indicator of the counting.


Available on downloading page.

The Geiger counter under development. Below a trace of I2C communication.


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